Surveys & Valuations

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In addition to our free sales valuation as Chartered Surveyors we can offer the full range of surveys and professional property services including:

Building Surveys

A Building Survey is a detailed survey report on a residential property, usually on properties constructed before 1900, or specialist built properties or properties where the client has a particular concern. Please note that Building Surveys do not include a valuation.

RICS Home Buyer Report And Valuation (HBR)

Neville Roberts is the Head of the Residential Survey and Valuation Department and is a Registered Valuer and is also licensed to undertake the new RICS Home Buyer Report. The Home Buyer Report is intended to be an economy report, which considers the principal elements of a building, and provides advice regarding condition, maintenance and health and safety issues. Please note the report does have the benefit of a valuation.

Residential Survey And Valuation Report (SEPL:RSVR)

An intermediate Survey Report, which provides non-technical information regarding the main elements of a property and seeks to identify significant and urgent defects. It also provides a valuation. The report is designed to be presented in a less complex fashion than the RICS Home Buyer Report and is provided by our practice as an alternative. This is our preferred report format for traditional post 1900's housing, or by further discussion with the surveyor.

RICS Condition Report (CR)

A simplified version of the Home Buyer Report which does not include a valuation. Suitable for home sellers and buyers.

Residential Valuations

We also provide residential valuations for purchase, probate, matrimonial or taxation purposes.

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