Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition & Site Sourcing

We sell and acquire all types of residential and development sites throughout the region. We aim to drive value, viability and delivery for a complete cross section of development clients. We have the resources, ability and patience to make things happen

How we can work with you:

We work with owners, promoters and developers of strategic development land from single owners to complex site assembly, to maximise the value of land either through intuitive scheme advice or the marriage value created by development site assembly

We can work with land with existing planning consents (from a single plot upwards) or can help land owners to identify Strategic Development Land as an asset, which has potential for development but requires further promotion and investment in order for this potential to be realised.

Our Expertise:

Our focus is on identifying and maximising the value of every development opportunity. Our key skills, abilities and strengths are:

Detailed market knowledge.

  • Viability/valuation experience which is essential to decide on the best route to achieving your ambitions.
  • Extensive research expertise from our market experience in development and land.
  • Great energy  and commitment.
  • Increasing our ability to assist with both equity and debt funding is of vital importance.

For Strategic sites, our consultants are able to identify land with potential, and land owners, and negotiate commercial terms for options, conditional contracts or joint ventures.