Selling with us

Some Estates Agents offer a pressurised approach; at Spencer Evans and Jakeman we pride ourselves in offering professional, realistic and constructive marketing advice.  During the market appraisal programme we will give you advice on the present market conditions relating to sales with comparable evidence based on passed sales, in your road or immediate area

We will give you realistic advice with regard to suggested asking prices, however, the final decision on the relevant asking price will inevitably be your decision but we will be there to guide you through the process and our marketing advice will be tailored to meet your personal goals which may be based on time limits dictated by career changes or even perhaps your children’s schooling. We will help, we have been doing this a long time and are only a phone call or e-mail away.

The presentation of your property when marketing is key to success. Our comprehensive advertising campaign will include professional Sales Particulars and window displays rotated to keep our window interesting to prospective purchasers. 

There is a weekly updated bulletin produced in house through our blog and social media accounts.  Our website and provides you our client and those looking for property with the widest coverage from UK’s largest property Internet site reaching all corners of the country, indeed the world! We will also provide our clients with personal login details which allows private access to our cloud files on individual properties in order you can be kept updated 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Old values, new approach!

We will also provide our clients with an accompanied viewing service if required.  

Our experience shows that many of our customers like to process their property transaction in one place with one person. We therefore offer the services of our professional property  associates who can provide expert advice regarding  mortgages, conveyancing services, surveys, auctions and EPCs, all under one roof.

Be confident that once we have appraised your property you will notice the difference between the competition and ourselves and we look forward to helping you in this most important of decisions for you and your family.

To assist, we now explain the marketing and sales process to guide you through the various stages of a house sale, all of which are of equal importance but if you choose the right agent these steps are seamless.

Our market appraisal will be a tailored experience, influenced by your circumstances, the size, type and location of your property and full details will be taken together with measurements so if you decide to proceed, we can move quickly.
We will discuss with you our opinion of the likely selling price to be achieved, current market conditions pertinent to your area and suggest an asking price that suits your requirements and timescales (time scales can have a significant impact on asking prices) .  Our Directors or senior negotiators who carry out these appraisals have extensive local knowledge and experience. We can advise on our opinion of the best method of selling your property to meet your timetable and expectations, whether that is the traditional Sale by Private Treaty, Sale by Tender or through our specialist Auction department when you want speed certainty and the best price in a defined period.
This can be actioned very quickly.  We have by now already collected  and collated measurements, features, information and photographs of your property and and if appropriate we can arrange for the production of a  floor plan, however not all properties benefit from a floor plan.
You will be sent a draft copy of the sales particulars for your approval and before marketing we will require that you sign to confirm that in your opinion they represent a fair description of your property.  We are happy to discuss amendments, perhaps some wording changes or even a different photograph, providing that any changes comply with the Property Mis-Descriptions Act.  We feel it is very important to be as accurate and as fair as possible, which improves the inspection experience for parties viewing your home.
Your property will be promoted in a number of ways which includes advertising on a selection of websites, such as Rightmove, local newspapers, window displays, emailing and matching through our extensive database and of course that all important 'For Sale' board. Whilst we now put the bulk of our resources into web based promotions, paper advertising still has its role.  Not everyone has access to the net so we continue to support this medium.
Almost all websites are now updated instantaneously (or over night) and it is the efficient and modern way to look for properties.  Apart from our own excellent site which you are now on, your property will be extensively promoted
All sellers should have one. Why?  Because it is a free twenty-four hour tool which says "I am for sale."  The vast majority of house sales are concluded to people who live locally and in many cases people who have not formally decided to move but suddenly see a property they like, from seeing the board and decide to purchase.  Of course it is not compulsory to have a 'For Sale' board and we suggest that it be removed if the property has not sold after a reasonable period of time, however we will have regular marketing briefings with our clients in order that best practice is implemented to ensure that your property is sold quickly and at the best price.
Word of mouth is also very important and a 'For Sale' board will spread the message faster than any other medium.  Also an enquiry from a board means we are talking to someone who knows the look and location of the property – we are halfway there!
Virtually 95% of our mailing of details is now done electronically via email, which of course is much faster than traditional post and in most cases, the recipient can pick up e-mails not only at home but also at work and on mobile phones etc.  It gives the applicant a great chance of being first to view a new property or to learn of a price reduction.
The traditional Agents window display still plays a huge role and we believe it’s just as important as ever to have an attractive display of property details with large colour photos.  All property owners have an interest in prices.
We hold all of our applicant registrations on a comprehensive and sophisticated database system, which not only enables to us to mix and match applicants with properties but also gives us the ability to utilise applicants registered in our neighbouring offices.
This is where our most important work is done.  It is our duty and ambition to achieve the best price possible for your home.  You will be notified of any offer to purchase your property that we receive, as promptly as possible ( either by telephone e-mail or text – but we will get in touch).  Prior to you making a decision on any offer, we will endeavour to check the buyer’s ability to purchase as accurately as we can.  It is important to know whether the buyers are dependent upon a related chain of sales, whether a mortgage is required and so on.  Of course not everyone makes the best offer first and our staff will work hard to achieve an acceptable price for you.  You may receive multiple offers from two or more applicants, which makes the above checks on the background and circumstances even more relevant.
If you need help finding the right mortgage for your new home, we’ll be happy to arrange for you to talk to our colleagues Mortgage colleagues and will also assist your purchaser through the process if invited. We really do try to keep everything under one roof, which prevents fragmentation and delays within the sales process. Please contact us about mortgage offers.
Unlike some Agents, we will see your sale through from start to finish.  Finding the buyer is often only the beginning of the process.  What makes a good Estate Agent is the follow through of the transaction. We will liaise with your Solicitor and the buyers Solicitor (up and down the chain if required), to ensure that all parts of the conveyance proceeds smoothly. We will liaise with other agents to try and resolve any outstanding issues or problems, to chase up paperwork, surveys or agreed dates. Our In house Chartered Surveyors can also give an insight to the Survey and valuation process as part of the selling process and will provide advice and assistance where required to keep a sale on track. This is very important to all of us.
This is the final commitment to selling your home, your Solicitor confirms that they are happy with the documentation.  This cannot take place until all parties are ready and your Solicitor will call you in to sign the contract of sale.  It is at this point that the moving date (completion date) will be set.  Once legal exchange takes place you are committed to your sale and a moving date.  You can now book your removal van and make final arrangements. Fantastic!
The day you move out! Take utility meter readings and pass on to your solicitor. The day when the balance monies are due from your buyer, If there is a long chain of sales, then this may delay the completion time.  The us as agents will not release any keys to the purchasers until your solicitors confirm to the agent that completion has taken place, which is usually before 12 ( closed for lunch) or after 2.00 p.m. but no later than 4.00 pm. Completion is confirmed when the sellers Solicitors confirm they have received all monies due in respect of their clients sale.
Congratulations you have now sold, and hopefully have purchased another property through Spencer  Jakeman.

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