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  • Spencer Jakeman January 2015 News

    2015 is here and at Spencer Jakeman we are pleased to report a busy proactive start to the year. With the new stamp duty thresholds and moving mortgage market we are looking forward to an exciting year. With our expertise at Spencer Jakeman we like to help with all aspects of residential sales and lettings.

    In January "we can't be beaten on fees". Please call our Shrewsbury office on 01743 297000 to arrange a free valuation.

  • Biggest Property turn-offs (Shrewsbury)

    Biggest Property turn-offs (Shrewsbury)


    People often say that the biggest property turn off is a dirty kitchen/bathroom??!!

    Some vendors are struggling to sell their properties; therefore they need to make sure that they are doing everything that they can to secure a sale on their property.

    The three most important things to look for when buying a home is.. Location Location Location.  You also need to make sure that you take into account:

    ·         The distance it is from your place of work,

    ·         The access,

    ·         Is it suitable for any pets that you may have,

    ·         Suitable for the children,

    ·         Is there a school nearby?

    ·         Close to any Shops?

    ·         Public transport links?


    Have a look around the neighbourhood that the property is situated in and see if it meets your expectations. Why not drive around it a few times at different part of the day to ensure that you can see all aspects of it. Purchasers often look at the neighbours gardens and driveways. And finally is the location suitable for you to walk/run/bike? And is there children playing outside in their gardens?


    Make you sure that when you are looking for properties that you are realistic, there is no point in you buying a home with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms when you live alone. You will end up paying for more heating/electricity and council tax! It will also involve you having to buy more furniture to furnish the property and more money will have to be spent on decorating the property.

    Below is a checklist of what to look out for when buying a house:

    ·         Central Heating/radiators

    ·         Electrics and alarms

    ·         Windows and doors

    ·         Household pests

    ·         Roof and loft

    ·         Drains

    ·         Damp

    Contact our Shrewsbury office today for more information or to arrange a viewing on any of our properties available

  • How to add value to your home in Shrewsbury!

    Want to add Value to you home in Shrewsbury? Check out this!


    Paint you house:

    One of the best ways to enhance your house’s curb appeal in Shrewsbury is to paint it! It will make your buyers react when they first see your home in the flesh. It is important that the exterior of your house is clean and cared for. Why not try: painting the walls? Cleaning the windows? New door knobs? A new letter box? Or replace the house name/number sign?


    Lose the Garage?

    Most houses have garages and usually they aren’t used in the most effective way that they could be. So why not put your garage to good use?

    ·       Convert it into a bedroom?

    ·       Kitchen extension?

    ·       Playroom?


    It is important that you focus on the two most important rooms in the house- The BATHROOM/KITCHEN!

    A house’s kitchen is the centre piece of the house; therefore it should match the value of your home.

    The bathroom however should be kept simple and neutral. You can add some nice finishing touches to your bathroom for example:

    ·       Towel rail?

    ·       GLASS shower screen NOT a curtain?

    ·      mixer taps?

    You don’t necessarily have to replace the kitchen and bathroom in your home; you should just ensure that they are clean and in good repair.


    More curb appeal in Shrewsbury:

    A good way to enhance curb appeal in Shrewsbury is to ensure that your garden is kept tidy. This is the same for the driveway!


    You shouldn’t neglect your garden so why not give your hedges a trim? It is also very important that you remember your rear garden as well, not just the front. Buyers like to imagine themselves with a garden based lifestyle. So why not look at investing in a decked area? Outdoor furniture? Or even some outside lighting?




    Add space to your home?

    A good way to add space to you home without knocking any interior walls down or adding on extensions to your property is to put mirrors up around your house. This helps to make rooms and spaces look bigger!


    Install Central Heating:

    By installing central heating into your property you could add up to £5,000 to your home.


    What might lose value?

    Don’t bodge the DIY

    And don’t waste too much time/money on the bedrooms as the new owners with probably want to re decorate anyway! 


    Contact our Shrewsbury office today on 01743 297000 for more information.


  • How to Sell Your Home in Shrewsbury, Fast!

    Do you need help selling your home in Shrewsbury? If so take a look at this article as we provide some useless hints and tips.

    Many people think there’s only one thing you can do as a vendor to help your home sell quicker - reducing the price. But that’s not just it, in fact there are many things. First of all why not enhance a home's physical appearance and differentiate from your neighbours? Try custom designs/additions, landscaping the garden, replacing the windows or even a new roof? However you should also try to make sure not to go too over the top and “over improve your home”, as this could result in you overspending and this may not work out as well as you first planned. Try to remember that the buyer will want to imagine themselves living there.

    Great Advice From a Leading Estate Agent in Shrewsbury

    Another thing to remember is that the exterior of your home always makes the first impression! This could mean starting with your front door. Why not try giving the front door a new coat of brightly coloured paint? “Curb appeal” is also VERY important. It is often very common that potential viewers or buyers will drive past the property before arranging a viewing just to see what it actually looks like from the front, instead of just looking at the pictures that your Estate Agent has taken. This is why it is vital that your home looks attractive from the front at all times. As a vendor you want to make your home look good for when the buyers arrive, and by doing this is should help your home sell faster.

    Sell Your Home in Shrewsbury, Fast!

    A green lawn, attractive gardens and landscaping, fresh paint (try a neutral colour, as this will make the room look fresher and bigger), new appliances and new carpet are all things that can improve your home. These will help it to look more attractive. Things that you can do to add value to your property could be fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, or even like we said earlier a new roof or windows?

    Looking For an Estate Agent Who Can Sell Your Home?

    De-cluttering is also a good thing to do. It enables the buyer to picture themselves living in your home. It gives them a black slate and they can then picture what their furniture and belongings look like in the property. Removing some furniture can also make rooms look a lot bigger and as if there is more space for you to enjoy.

    Contact Spencer Jakeman - Estate Agents in Shrewsbury

    Try and get your Home in a “ready to move in condition” for the buyers this could mean making sure that doors, electrics and plumbing are all working as they should be and make any minor repairs that are necessary. Buyers want to move in and enjoy their new home straight away, not spend both their time and money trying to improve the place.

    If you would like a valuation on your home please contact Spencer Jakeman Estate Agents, visit our office in Shrewsbury or Telford.



    March has started off where February finished with increasing numbers of sales.  Activity in the market place is at the highest point seen for years, both sales and rentals are moving at a record pace and it is clear to see 2014 is the year to make that importnant house move.

    With lots of buyers waiting on our books and more stock urgently required dont delay, CALL SPENCER JAKEMAN today for a free market apprasial to discuss our competitive packages tailored to suit you!

  • Spencer Evans & Jakeman Practice News 25 May 2013

    The sun is out and so are the buyers (and people wanting to rent). The result ? offers galore and we think that the fast flowing sales and rental market is set to continue. Whilst we at Spencer Evans and Jakeman have reported a sharp rise in new instructions with sales to match!! we still need more properties urgently. The rental market is particularly buoyant with new instructions such as. Longnor street in Mountfields. A 2 bed period property with character features. Whether your selling or renting please contact Spencer Evans and Jakeman to see why we're deliberately different - great service, great results and great fee offers. You cannot lose. Call Steve Jakeman on 01743 29700 for his personal attention today. 

  • Spencer Evans & Jakeman Practice News 22 February 2013

    More property required!. Steve says it has been a great week for instructions and promises spring 2013 is going to be a busy time in the market. With continued good tenants and prospective purchaser being registered everyday spencer Evans Jakeman are looking at quality property to supply the demand. And your house sale or letting is only a call to Spencer Evans and Jakeman away!

    Shropshire Estate Agents Need More Property to Rent & Sell!

    Steve has shown his confidence in the market by launching his February offer of sell your house for £99 as he urgently needs to stock offer to potential clients, ‘we want to show Shropshire why we are better and what better way is there to show than this’.

    Popular House For Sale in Belle Vue, Shrewsbury

    A new instruction such as a 4 bedroom semi in the popular location of Belle Vue commanded 10 viewings within 1 day of the property being on the market which shows the buoyancy of the market for interesting well priced property.
    Please contact Spencer Jakeman, Estat Agents in Shrewsbury, today to discuss all property needs and fantastic offers. We are here to make friends and build futures.

  • A Valentines gift from Steve and the team

    Steve is living up to  the Spencer Evans and Jakeman  motto and is "trying to get Shropshire moving" by introducing his two week Valentines offer to sell your house for just £99 pounds, if in located in postcodes SY1-3 and is worth £175,000 or less, which will give clients confidence to test the market and make that move which they have been thinking about for a while and allowing savings of up to £1650 plus VAT which will go a long way to absorb the other costs of moving. No catch just a good opening offer.

    The 14 day offer has already proved popular with a flurry of instructions, so contact Spencer Evans and Jakeman today and make that move you been promising your self, with Love from Steve and the team!

    The lettings market is still very buoyant and demand is outstripping supply. We need your rental properties and can offer market beating deals. Call Steve on 01743 297000 today

  • Calling all vendors more stock urgently required!! call Steve Jakeman now

    Roll up Roll up!!More Stock Please!! More buyers than Stock! And to help we are still running our launch offers. Spencer Evans and Jakeman still require higher levels of stock. House new to the market or not selling, we have the answers and energy to sell your property.

    Steve Jakeman has reported good levels or sales and residential lets but urgently requires more properties on the books as he has prospective buyers and tenants looking.  Steve also adds with the launch offers in place vendors have nothing to lose and everything to gain, with great service Rightmove exposure and lower fees, which this time of a year is a much needed benefit.

    Please contact the offices on 01743 297000 or 01952 459222 for your free valuation.