How to add value to your home in Shrewsbury!

Want to add Value to you home in Shrewsbury? Check out this!

Paint you house:

One of the best ways to enhance your house’s curb appeal in Shrewsbury is to paint it! It will make your buyers react when they first see your home in the flesh. It is important that the exterior of your house is clean and cared for. Why not try: painting the walls? Cleaning the windows? New door knobs? A new letter box? Or replace the house name/number sign?


Lose the Garage?

Most houses have garages and usually they aren’t used in the most effective way that they could be. So why not put your garage to good use?

·       Convert it into a bedroom?

·       Kitchen extension?

·       Playroom?

It is important that you focus on the two most important rooms in the house- The BATHROOM/KITCHEN!

A house’s kitchen is the centre piece of the house; therefore it should match the value of your home.

The bathroom however should be kept simple and neutral. You can add some nice finishing touches to your bathroom for example:

·       Towel rail?

·       GLASS shower screen NOT a curtain?

·      mixer taps?

You don’t necessarily have to replace the kitchen and bathroom in your home; you should just ensure that they are clean and in good repair.

More curb appeal in Shrewsbury:

A good way to enhance curb appeal in Shrewsbury is to ensure that your garden is kept tidy. This is the same for the driveway!

You shouldn’t neglect your garden so why not give your hedges a trim? It is also very important that you remember your rear garden as well, not just the front. Buyers like to imagine themselves with a garden based lifestyle. So why not look at investing in a decked area? Outdoor furniture? Or even some outside lighting?


Add space to your home?

A good way to add space to you home without knocking any interior walls down or adding on extensions to your property is to put mirrors up around your house. This helps to make rooms and spaces look bigger!

Install Central Heating:

By installing central heating into your property you could add up to £5,000 to your home.

What might lose value?

Don’t bodge the DIY

And don’t waste too much time/money on the bedrooms as the new owners with probably want to re decorate anyway! 

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